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Established in 2009, Seakey Marine Limited is a dynamic leader in ship management and marine services. Our expertise lies in providing a comprehensive range of services tailored to the needs of the Oil, Gas, and general cargo marine/shipping industry.

At The Core.

A quick overview of our services

Oil & Gas Security

We offer top-tier security solutions for the entire supply chain, protecting vital assets from oil wells to refineries. Our expertise defends against diverse threats, including sabotage, cyber attacks, and theft.

Offshore Security Escort

Seakey Marine Limited provides Security Escort Services, ensuring safe vessel transitions in Nigeria waters. Our offering includes armed Navy personnel for enhanced security.

Threat & Risk Analysis

Our specialists are currently executing a comprehensive threat and risk analysis plan tailored to offshore installations. Leveraging deep insights into diverse threat groups, we ensure precise understanding and effective mitigation strategies.

Marine Vessel Charter

At Seakey Marine Limited, we boast access to a vast array of specialized vessels, meticulously tailored to meet every client's unique needs.

Sales & Purchase Brokerage

We leverage our extensive network of ship owners and shipping service companies, combined with our expertise in vessel sale and purchase, to provide unmatched solutions tailored to your needs.

Heavy Lift Operations

We take full responsibility for vetting vessels, overseeing the loading and discharging of critical cargoes, and ensuring their secure delivery to the designated site.

Seakey Team.

Introducing the dedicated team driving exceptional outcomes at Seakey Marine Limited.


We don't simply talk about it,
we put it into action.
At Seakey, safety isn't just a topic of conversation – it's a commitment we actively uphold through our actions and practices.
Risk assessment
Response capability
Environmental awareness
Continuous improvement

The Direction.

Vision, Mission, & Values Defined


Our vision is to offer high-quality, dependable, efficient, transparent, and sincere services at competitive prices. We aim to establish long-term partnerships with our valued clients, ensuring their satisfaction while contributing significantly to revitalizing struggling industries overall.


Our mission is to support our principals in accomplishing their objectives within the regulatory framework and agreed-upon timelines. We strive to optimize ship operations efficiently, ensuring cost-effectiveness for the owners' benefit.


Integrity: We conduct our busines in fairness, honesty, and transparency.
Positiveness: We will always focus on practical solutions not on complaints or blame in our efforts, services and products.
Understanding: We show respect, compasion and understanding to our colleagues and clients around the world and always work for the benefit of the community that we serve.
Value Driven: We make quality a value driven in our work, our service and in our interactions.
Dignity: We value the individual and repest the time and efforts of others with fairness and trust.
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